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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Where does this information come from?

    All the information in CharityFocus comes from the charity itself, either through its information return (T3010 form) filed by the charity with the Canada Revenue Agency, or uploaded directly by the charity. We have simply taken this information and organized it in a more user-friendly way.

  2. What are the charity tax information forms (T3010)?

    Every registered charity in Canada must file an annual T3010 public information return with the Canada Revenue Agency. Among other things, this form requires charities to enter their programs or activities, number of paid employees, and revenue and expense information.

  3. How often is the information updated?

    All of the information from the CRA on CharityFocus is updated monthly. Charities may upload additional information about their organization, including narrative information, annual reports, financial statements, and social media links at any time. For more information about this, see question 6.

  4. I found a mistake in a charity’s information. Why does this happen?

    Occasionally you will find errors on CharityFocus. There are a few reasons why this would happen:
    • Data-input error – the information is entered manually on the CRA side, which can result in typing errors. While the CRA works hard to minimize these errors, they do still sometimes occur.
    • Old data - depending on when the charity filed its T3010 form and the processing time of the CRA, you may be looking at information that is older than a current website. 
    • Data-input error - the charity made an error in its submission to the CRA.

  5. Who can upload information about a charity?

    Anyone designated by the charity as the appropriate liaison to CharityFocus can update that charity’s profile. The individual must register by providing some information about the charity, and certifying that they are the person responsible for making updates.

  6. What additional information can I upload?

    Users can upload narrative information about the charity’s activities and programs, annual reports, financial statements and social media links (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube Channels). The uploaded information is reviewed by Imagine Canada staff to ensure the appropriateness of the content before it is placed on the charity’s profile. Current uploads can be found on the charity’s “Summary page and “Gallery page. For an example, see Imagine Canada's profile.

  7. Why should I upload additional information about my charity?

    The information in CharityFocus is pulled from each charity’s T3010 public information return. As such, the information is primarily financial, which, while providing a good detailed picture of the charity’s activities, does not always answer the question of why someone should donate to or volunteer with your organization. By providing added information about what your charity does, who it helps, its projects, as well as uploading annual reports and financial statements, users will have a better understanding of your organization.
  8. Can I donate to a charity through this site?

    Yes! Simply click the CanadaHelps "Donate Now" button in the top right-hand corner of the charity’s profile. You will be directed to the charity’s page on the CanadaHelps website, where you can make a secure donation.

  9. What is the T3010QuickPrep?

    The T3010QuickPrep is an online tool to help charities complete their T3010 public information return with fewer errors and greater ease. The tool takes you through the entire form, ensuring that you complete all necessary sections. It flags common errors that are made, and provides guidance on how to fix them. The tool contains the T3010, T1235 Directors/Trustees and Like Officials worksheet and the T1236 Qualified Donee worksheet. Once you have completed your return, you can easily print it off and send the package to the CRA

  10. Can I update multiple charities?

    Currently CharityFocus only allows for a single charity to be associated with your user profile.  If you'd like to update multiple charities, simply change the charity associated with your user profile before making the update.
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