How to Use Custom T-Shirts to Promote Advocacy?

T-Shirts to Promote Advocacy

How to Use Custom T-Shirts to Promote Advocacy?

Custom T-Shirts are a fun way to express one’s belief, opinions, genealogy, and even your own favorite quotes. The expressiveness of custom T-shirt designs gives everyone a chance to wear their hearts on their sleeves – like literally doing it. Many have also taken advantage of custom shirt designs to promote a lot of things – products, services, and even their advocacies.

The society, nowadays, is promoting a lot of advocacies ranging from mental health, HIV, gender equality, women empowerment, and even equality for everyone. Organizations who were borne from these advocacies have done a lot of activities, gift-giving, and even printing custom T-shirts to promote their advocacies and spread the message to everyone about their beliefs and ideologies.

How to Incorporate Custom T-Shirts to Social Movements?

These customized shirts are one of the best marketing and fundraising tools in order to support and finance an organization’s chosen advocacy. Plus, many are also more receiving of these types of campaign materials than tokens and pamphlets. The fact that the recipients of the custom T-shirts will wear them will help spread their advocacies through the prints and designs established on the shirts.

If you are an organization that looks at having custom t-shirts as campaign materials, here are some of the tips that you can do to create the perfect advocacy shirts:

  • Find the common purpose of your custom T-shirt. If you want this to add more exposure to your advocacy, go for texts. If you want them to become aware of something, go for images. Either way, the purpose of the t-shirt will determine the design and layout that will be printed on it.
  • Source your shirt. If you are doing the printing on your own, you can find the quality shirts that sell them for a cheaper, wholesale price. If you are looking for someone else to print it, look for a company that prints shirts in bulk for a lower price.
  • Start brainstorming your tee shirt design. Before you contact the t-shirt printing company, you should already have the design in mind in order to get the best price quote in printing the design to the t-shirt.
  • Add custom t-shirts to your fundraising strategies and market your advocacy t-shirts to your supporters. You can do this via your official social media accounts, email or text blasts, and through your organization’s newsletters.

Custom T-Shirts are the Tried-and-Tested Campaign Tool for any Advocacies

So far, many organizations have successfully spread their chosen advocacies through customized t-shirts. Most volunteers wear their shirts proud, and supporters have spread the word about the advocacies through sharing their selfies while wearing the advocacy t-shirts. Overall, this strategy has been proven and tested by many organizations and campaigns and has never failed to generate funds by selling custom t-shirts for fundraising events.

It is also best reminded that, while most of these are being sold for fundraising, you can also give these as gifts to sponsors and donors of your organization, uniforms for your campaign volunteers, and even as tokens to those who have joined the campaigns and advocacy movements your organization has hosted. Either way, custom T-shirts can help make your advocacy known to the community.

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