How to Donate Your Mattress

Donate Your Mattress

How to Donate Your Mattress

You have already placed an order for a brand new mattress. However, your old mattress is still lying in your room, waiting to be either disposed of or recycled. What should you do with it? How can you make the best out of your old mattresses?

The most viable for this is to donate them

However, before you donate your memory foam mattress, make sure to check for major defects such as big holes, tears, unremovable stains, severe bed bugs, and molds first. Also, for beds with springs, make sure to check their frames and fabric.

If the frame is already broken or bent and the fabric is no longer firmly attached, then it is more advisable to recycle it than let other people reuse it. Keep in mind that mattresses & sleep go hand in hand, so donating a heavily damaged mattress is useless.

How and Where to Donate Your Old Mattresses?

High-quality beds are too expensive to be disposed of immediately. You had witnessed its quality as it brought you and your family the comfort you need for years or even decades, so it might not be the best decision to throw it away.

You may think of ways how these usable mattresses can benefit others. Undeniably, discarded mattresses can still be a blessing to those in need, such as the homeless, the elderly in the home of the aged, and the children in adoption centers.

But how can your queen-sized and king-sized mattresses reach those centers? Where should you take them? Here are some avenues you can consider:

Charitable Organizations

Surprisingly, local thrift shops in most locations don’t accept old mattresses. However, this is not something to worry about because there are many other charitable and non-profit organizations that are more than glad to welcome mattress donators.

There are several non-profit and charity organizations nationwide that can accommodate your inquiries and help your mattress benefit those in need.

Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist

If you’re not ready to experience the inconvenience of searching for a charity center, there are several online markets wherein you can list your items, such as Letgo, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist.

Posting your old yet very usable mattresses on these sites will give the potential buyer an opportunity to contact you and pick the item up in the most convenient places. Speaking about meetups or pickup places, you have to be careful when sending your residential address. It is better to give out a public address and bring a friend with you during meetups.


This online network has a long list of items that are in good condition for donation. These items belong to a particular community that offers things for free. Upon entering your address on the website, a long list of items within your area will show up.

If you are planning to give your old mattress for free, you can always list it on FreeCycle. That way, you can help someone who is searching for a used mattress contact you and pick the item up.

Again, before you consider donating your old mattress, you have to make sure that it is still in good condition. Otherwise, it will no longer serve its purpose. It is normal for it to have some tears and small holes, but if the material is no longer usable because of its major defects, local charities and non-profit organizations might no longer accept it.

If they still do, they might end up disposing of it themselves.

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