Year: 2022

Why Many CBD Businesses Are Focused on Charity

CBD companies have become dedicated to charitable organizations and causes in recent times. Zero In On Nutrition is a company that maintains a year-long roster of philanthropic causes. This includes feeding children, fighting breast cancer, supporting veterans, etc. This makes one wonder what they stand to gain from these outreaches.
We are seeing the rise of CBD companies producing Delta 8 gummies, and they have made social impact a pivotal point in their business. Eliximal’s customers have the freedom to choose a charity they would like their …

Teacher Donates Laptops for Students Who Need Them Most

While the world is struggling to normalize after the Covid-19 pandemic, the education sector is rushing to meet its in-person learning model. Yet, months after remote studying, many laptops have to be stored in cabinets as classrooms become busier again.
Donated Laptops for Students
Teaching kids over the computer has not been seamless as many believed. However, things get a little more awkward and difficult when some kids lack computers. With many donated computers lying ideal after the lockdown, a special needs high school teacher is …