Teacher Donates Laptops for Students Who Need Them Most

Teacher Donates Laptops for Students Who Need Them Most

While the world is struggling to normalize after the Covid-19 pandemic, the education sector is rushing to meet its in-person learning model. Yet, months after remote studying, many laptops have to be stored in cabinets as classrooms become busier again.

Donated Laptops for Students

Teaching kids over the computer has not been seamless as many believed. However, things get a little more awkward and difficult when some kids lack computers. With many donated computers lying ideal after the lockdown, a special needs high school teacher is picking up these abandoned donated computers for kids who lack them.

Ismaël Seck, who teaches at Lucien-Pagé, Montreal, discovered that most students could not afford personal computers. So he decided to pick donated computers and share them with these kids. With the support of volunteers and fellow teachers, they are moving around Montreal to pick donations of monitors, tablets, computers, and other types of equipment for students.

Students Limitation

Students are struggling to adapt to the former way of teaching, but with remote learning taking place in the education sector, poor kids may find it hard to study. This made the project of Seck a heartwarming one for the kids who receive any of the donated devices.

When Seck started picking these devices, he was always riding a bike around the city. It was challenging because he had no driver’s license. He picked the donated devices and rode to the school, which is shared among the kids who need them most.

There was a limitation in carrying capacity and speed until he found volunteers to support him with the pick-ups. The more kids get the devices, the more he realizes that kids need them. However, since high schools in the city would resume probably September, it would be challenging for many kids without computers.

Distance education might be a hindrance to these kids. Seck has designed a better system of picking up these devices for kids who would learn with them. However, the limitation of sharing every kid a laptop makes remote learning difficult.

While computers for teachers have made it easier to prepare lectures and assignments, if few kids have access to computers, learning would lose its importance on those with devices. Many kids have cell or mobile phones to learn, but they often struggle with their phones to attend classes.

Many parents have difficulty adapting to remote learning or homeschooling, Many of them have work to do and may not supervise the kids’ studies. The Quebec government promised to offer struggling kids 15,000 new tablets to learn online. This would go a long way to equip kids with educational materials at no cost.


However, the tablets gathered by Seck have not gotten to the kids because of a controversial Quebec law that made service centers take the place of the school board. When Montreal has people like Seck, most kids will not abandon school. With more computers, kids have the advantage of learning remotely.

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