How Can Testosterone Make a Man More Generous?

How Can Testosterone Make a Man More Generous?

All in all, testosterone does not have the best reputation. It has been linked to aggression for the longest time. However, there are actually a lot of benefits when you boost testosterone levels with the best testosterone booster. Some of these benefits might even take you by surprise.

Behavioral Changes

Recent research suggests that higher testosterone might cause behavioral changes that have nothing to do with aggression. In the study, researchers with different affiliations have zeroed in on a link between testosterone levels in men and their generosity. In the past, research showed that higher testosterone levels result in antisocial behavior, worse romantic relationships, and even higher materialism.

Testosterone and Generosity

Researchers from Wayne State University, Peking University, and Shenzhen University have revealed that young men who received a dose of testosterone expressed more generosity when others were watching them. The publication in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B journal detailed an experiment with young volunteers that led them to this conclusion.

There have been earlier research showing how the “audience effect” in the context of donations made people give more. Essentially, most people were more generous when they had to live with other people in attendance. In the new study, the researchers wanted to know the relationship between higher testosterone levels in young men and their giving habits. This makes sense as the hormone has been connected to status-seeking behavior in men in the past.

What did the experiment entail? Well, a testosterone gel was rubbed on the shoulders and upper arms of male volunteers, aged 18 to 25. The 140 volunteers were divided into two: one group had a gel with testosterone, while the rest received a placebo. They waited for the testosterone to hit the bloodstream. This took three hours. After this, they were asked to give money to a charity. There were volunteers tasked to donate privately, whereas others were told to donate as they stood in front of onlookers.

Upon studying the data, the researchers noticed something interesting. They saw that the highest donations came from the men who received testosterone-laden gel and were tasked to donate in front of other people.

The researchers took this to mean that the volunteers showed a desire to seem more attractive and improve their status. The findings suggest that this has to do with the higher amount of testosterone in their body, which had a definite impact on their brain. It suggests that the higher level of the hormone in their bodies made them want to increase their social standing. In the context of the study, this was carried out by donating a higher sum of money than the other groups.

End Notes

More research is needed on this, but it is certainly an interesting benefit of boosting testosterone. This is an unexpected benefit on top of the regular effects, such as stronger bones, a healthier heart, and better energy levels. If you plan to take testosterone, it is good to know that it can make you even more generous than usual as well!

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