Become a Corporate Partner

Become a Corporate Partner

We at Charity Focus are well aware that we cannot push through with the Dream Program on our own, and here’s another way you can offer your support. The foundation had worked closely with our partners by aligning our vision and mission with their strategic objectives in order to foster an equally beneficial relationship over the years.

One of the factors as to how our Dream Programs has continual success is because of customized corporate sponsorship.

Here are the main reasons you should be a Charity Focus corporate partner:

  1. Increase your social media presence through engagement
  2. Expose your brand to a national scale
  3. Be recognized as an active member of the community
  4. Have better employee engagement through team building
  5. Build connections within the Charity Focus community of donors and sponsors
  6. Get tax receipts for your charity
  7. Fulfill more dreams!

Contact us now and be part of our growing community of valued corporate support!