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Year End


Type of Org Charitable Organization
Category United Church Congregations
Business Registration Number 108220716RR0001
Status Active
Mailing Address 54 WOODLAWN ROAD

Revenue & Total Expenditures

Areas of Operation

Places of worship, congregations, parishes, dioceses, fabriques, etc. 80 %
Social outreach, religious fellowship, and auxiliary organizations 10 %
Missionary organizations, evangelism 10 %

Information added by the charity

No additional information has been added by the charity

Historic Annual Reports
No annual reports have been shared with CharityFocus.

Historic Financial Statements
No financial statements have been shared with CharityFocus.

Supplemental Documents
No supplemental documents have been shared with CharityFocus.

Please note the organization's description will appear in the language in which it was submitted to the CRA.

New Programs

(As submitted by the charity to the Canada Revenue Agency)

Accessibility issues are being removed and new initiatives are being developed to assist the members of our congregation to participate fully in church programs. In addition move community groups are being encouraged to use our facilities to operate their programs. This church is committed to its outreach to the community in which we are located We continue to support the East Dartmouth Christian Food Bank and operate a used clothing program through our United Church Women.

Ongoing Programs

(As submitted by the charity to the Canada Revenue Agency)

We provide weekly worship services, ministry and pastoral care to members in 670 households, 1599 individuals on a regular on-going basis in the Dartmouth East pastoral charge of the United Church of Canada. Financial support is provided to the Mission & Service Fund and its worldwide mission & service activities. Community organizations are hosted in our facility.



Type of accounting used Accrual

Assets for Period Ending 2013-12-31

Short-term assets $214,417
Accounts receivable from non-arm's length parties
Accounts receivable from other parties $122,478
Investments in non-arm's length parties
Long-term investments $513,947
Land and buildings in Canada $3,247,088
Other capital assets in Canada
Capital Assets outside of Canada
Accumulated amortization
Other Assets
Total Assets $4,097,930
Amount of capital and other assets not used in charitable programs


Liabilities for Period Ending 2013-12-31

Accounts payable/accrued liabilities $15,195
Deferred revenue $330
Amounts owing to non-arm's length parties $720,217
Other liabilities $185,421
Total liabilities $921,163


Revenue for Period Ending 2013-12-31

Total donations for which tax receipts were given $648,249
Total amount received from other charities
Total specified gifts from other charities
Total donations without tax receipts $2,623
Total received from the federal government
Total received from provincial/territorial government
Total received from municipal/regional government
Total received from government
Total received from all sources outside of Canada
Investment Income $3,656
Gross proceeds from disposition of assets $1,000
Net proceeds from disposition of assets $1,000
Gross income from rental of land or property $13,553
Non-tax receipted revenue from membership and association dues
Non-tax receipted revenue from fundraising $76,902
Revenue from sale of goods (not to government)
Other revenue $38,889
Sources of other revenue
Total Revenue $784,872


Expenditures Before Gifts to Qualified Donees
for Period Ending 2013-12-31

Advertising and promotion
Travel and vehicle $4,189
Interest and bank charges $2,334
Licenses, memberships and dues $224
Office supplies and expenses $20,948
Occupancy costs $49,743
Professional and consulting fees $5,805
Training and education for staff and volunteers $4,066
Total expenditure on compensation $282,092
Fair market value of donated goods
Cost of all purchased supplies and assets $21,788
Amortization of capitalized assets
Expenditure for research grants and scholarships (part of charitable programs)
Other expenditures $332,691
Sources of other expenditures Designated Fund programs
Total expenditures before gifts to qualified donees $723,880


Break-down of Expenditures for Period Ending 2013-12-31

Amount spent on charitable programs $625,438
Amount spent on management and administrations $48,699
Fundraising expenses
Political activities expense
Other expenses $49,743
Gifts to qualified donees $74,006
Total Expenditures $797,886


Number of Permanent, full time paid employees 6

Top 10 compensated employees paid:

$1-$39,999 4
$40,000-$79,999 2

Number of part-time or seasonal employees 5
Total compensation for part-time employees $12,737
Total compensation for the organization $282,092

Directors/Trustees and Like Officials

Director's Name Position At Arm's Length
Barry ZwickerChair-Church Council
Denis DeanCo-Chair Trustees
James AllenCo-Chair Trustees
Malcolm MorashTrustee
Janet PerryTrustee
Nancy ThompsonTrustee
Arthur TheuerkaufTrustee
Grant WarwickChair of Admin & Mgmt Team Tru
Ivan RichardsonBudget Co-Ordinator
Ian StewartTrustee
Douglas EisenerTrustee
Burnell FieldTrustee
Christopher RiehlTrustee
Betty PerkinsCo-Chair-Community of Care Tea
Shirley ZwickerCo-Chair-Community of Care Tea
Teri GiannowChair - Stewardship Team
Murdock MorrisonCo-Chair, Program Team
Brian MoorsCo-Chair-Program Team
Lachlan RiehlChair-Communications & Pub Rel
Phillip KennedyMinister
Valerie KennedyMinister
Shannon MacLeanMinister - Youth
Donna MacumberOffice Administrator
Ralph SamsChair - United Church Men
Karen StaplesCo-President-United Ch Women
Shirley MacLeodCo-President-United Ch Women
Donald TriderChair-Ministry & Personnel



Total Fundraising Expenditure

Fundraising activities carried out by the organization:

  • Advertisements/print/radio/TV commercials
  • Collection plate/boxes
  • Fundraising dinners/galas/concerts
  • Fundraising sales
  • Internet
  • Mail campaigns
  • Planned-giving programs
  • Targeted corporate donations/sponsorships
  • Targeted contacts
  • Telephone/TV solicitations

Did organization pay external fundraisers? No
Gross revenue generated by fundraiser
Amount paid to fundraiser
Method of payment for fundraiser




This charity did not engage in international activities



Retrieving Data
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