Giving Programs

Giving Programs

The continual growth and successes of Charity Focus are not only attributed to the Foundation heads and the volunteers but also the donors. Support can be given in a number of ways, and offering your monetary assistance can greatly help the cause. You can join us in fulfilling the dreams for the 50,000 dreamers who could benefit from your donation.

Here are some of the ways you can send your donations:

One-Time Donation

Donate to a Dream Program online using Paypal™ or credit cards.

Monthly Donation

Support in the form of monthly commitments had kept Charity Focus afloat all throughout its years of service. As more dreams come true, with more to fulfill, it is a sure reminder that we have your back all-year-round.

Under this option, a gift of $10, $20, or $30 will automatically withdraw from your bank account every month, and within a 10-day notice, you may revoke authorization.

Give in Memory or in Honour

Charity Focus had been made part of many personal and family celebrations by people who also want to support the foundation. This is done through donations, some of which are made in memory or in honour of a loved one. Our donation form allows you to indicate the loved one and family member who is in celebration or has passed away.

Building a Dream Legacy

This option assures the mission of the foundation, and this will mean more years of dreams coming true because of your support. A Dream legacy can make a lasting impact on Charity Focus, and in return, do you well with tax and other financial benefits.

You can either bequest Charity Focus in a will, name the foundation a life insurance policy beneficiary, or name stocks and bonds directly under the foundation. Advice from a professional (financial advisor, lawyer, or accountant) can help you choose which option will suit you best.

Regardless of your choice for a donation, we at Charity Focus will gladly appreciate your kind gesture regardless of how small it is. Your donation will go a long way in helping kids realise and fulfill their dreams and live an enjoyable life with happy memories to cherish.