Stronger Than Anxiety

Stronger Than Anxiety

When anxiety affects a child with a disability, we need the child to know he/she is bigger than what he/she feels. Kathy Roberts, a social worker who has extensive knowledge on anxiety issues, believes that anxiety can best be eased through a strong bond between the children and their families.

Kathy works at the Cystic Fibrosis Clinic and pediatric emergency ward at the London Health Sciences Center, and with more than 30 years of experience under her belt, she has a few tips to share:

First, Relax

Breathing exercises, alongside mindfulness techniques, can do well to calm the brain down. Stress balls and fidget spinners can help too, since something tactile can serve as a distraction for the mind on a heightened mode, thereby engaging calmness.


Humans need the reassurance that we are not alone, especially when we are very young. Children need to be reassured with love and safety, and a presence may be all it takes. Having the parents around for support can do wonders for the child.

Try New Things

Having a disability will hinder these kids from doing what normal kids can do, but for as long as they are safe and secure, they can be exposed to new things. Let them process their feelings and reactions. Let them work through them and make them realize their own capacities.

Charity Focus is in support of mental health awareness for children with disability and illness, and we offer an experience that improves these children’s sense of self and independence. If you want to help us with this cause, feel free to contact us.

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