Paying it Forward with Nathan

Paying it Forward with Nathan

Here we have Charity Focus’ dreamer turned advocate, our very own Nathan Manners, who came up with a fundraising campaign to help the foundation that made his dream into a reality.

Nathan has cerebral palsy, but he has always wanted to go around biking in his neighbourhood. In his case, he needs an adaptive tandem bicycle which also happens to be way too expensive for his family’s current financial situation. This fact had Nathan check his resources and prompted him to reach out to Charity Focus. In turn, we did our best to make his dream come true.

This experience did not only bring Nathan happiness, but it also gave him a sense of gratitude and generosity. He knew such an experience would make other kids like him happy too, and he planned to do his part in making it happen.

This time, in partnership with the Dream Team, Nathan came up with a fundraising garage sale where all proceeds will go to the foundation.

Officially naming the event as “Nathan’s Garage Sale”, we spread the word and invited supporters all over Canada to host their own fundraising alongside Nathan while adopting the name and the cause.

This year, we’re inviting you to pay it forward as well. Support a child’s Dream Program and host your own “Nathan’s Garage Sale” in your community. Email us your plans. We hope to hear from you soon!

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