You Can Do Anything!

You Can Do Anything!

Amy had just turned ten, and she is more determined than ever, even when she had just been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. Her muscles will progressively weaken as time goes on, but her dreams keep her strong and focused.

She truly believes she can still do anything she put her mind into, and she’s been meaning to do something really amazing – swim with dolphins!

Meeting and being close to her favourite animal was at the top of her dream list. However, animal parks weren’t designed to be wheelchair accessible, so the staff was not comfortable with her plans. This rejection saddened her, but this made her explore her options, and that’s when she reached out to the Dream Program.

An Eco-park in Mexico was where our now 17-year old Amy’s dream came true.  She explored beaches and wildlife with her family. Finally, she got to the water to spend time with dolphins!

That was quite a thrill for her lifetime. Amy also said it was definitely a stress reliever. “A lot of change was coming, and it let me take my mind off of everything going on. I was stressed about University applications and whether the schools would be able to accommodate my needs. This trip was a nice breather and helped me bond with my family”, said Amy.

Due to Charity Focus, Amy became more inspired to push through with her dreams. Now, she studies at Carleton University and dreams of making an impact for Canadians who, like her, have disabilities.

She takes on life with optimism and hope, and she continues to work hard every day for her advocacy. Charity Focus does as well, and if you’re on a journey to make the best out of your community, we can work together for the change we want to achieve. Feel free to share your plans with us.

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