Established in 1995, Charity Focus grew with the dreams of children in mind, especially those with life-threatening and debilitating physical illnesses. The idea was birthed by the love of a police officer from Ontario for his son who had passed away early in his life due to muscular dystrophy.

The early days were powered with the spirit of volunteerism, charity, and commitment to fulfill the dreams of these children through events, tours, and community activities.

Charity Focus has earned a national reach in 2000 with its Dream Programs. The team expanded and eight local chapters were founded.


Charity Focus envisions every child, no matter the disability, to be able to live a full life, experience love in all its forms, and achieve their dreams. We shall push through with the cause by incorporating compassion, integrity, and respect in all we do for these children.


Charity Focus aims to be a convergence of volunteers and donors alike that will inspire and fulfill the dreams of children with illnesses and severe disorders that are life-threatening and physically debilitating.

Charity Focus Today

After more than 20 years of dedication to the cause, Charity Focus has ultimately spread across the country and made more than 8,500 dreams come true. We are now looking to the estimated 50,000 children who are qualified to be a Dreamer. We aim to spread the word and raise awareness about the advocacy all throughout the communities in Canada so that we may make more dreams into a reality.