5 CBD Brands That Support Charities

5 CBD Brands That Support Charities

As a tight-knit community, cannabis enthusiasts are happy to share the benefits of CBD with others. Despite the stigma attached to cannabis products, CBD brands are not shying away from giving back to various organizations and charities.

Aside from creating high-quality and effective products, the CBD industry is also leaving a positive impression because of its commitment to giving back to the community.

The legalization of cannabis for medical, recreational uses and exhale’s delta 8 vapes has opened a greater opportunity for CBD advocates to collectively help and offer support to the marginalized members of our society.

Here are five CBD brands that don’t slack off in giving back to charities:

Justice Joints

Justice Joints is a California-based CBD brand that has partnered with several non-profits committed to the expungement, release, and rehabilitation of those incarcerated for non-violent cannabis offenses. When you purchase Justice Joints products, you’ll take part in rebuilding the lives of those who are convicted of minor felonies.

Their mission to use cannabis legalization to help those who are affected by its prohibition is made possible by donating 100% of their profits to social inequity causes.

Weed for Good

Weed for Good is a cannabis non-profit based in San Francisco, CA. They are well-known for providing no-cost medical cannabis for patients who are in need. Through the aid of the cannabis community in the entire state of California, hospitals and other non-profits can give free medical cannabis to impoverished patients afflicted with terminal and chronic illnesses.

By working with hospitals, health facilities, and other organizations Weed for Good successfully provides low-cost to free CBD patients in need.


As one of the largest brands in the CBD business, Cookies has a considerable giveback program. The company provides training and education for those who want to be part of the industry. Their training program includes resume reviews, simulated interviews, and hiring opportunities for a smooth entry into the cannabis industry.

Other than that, Cookies also work with charities to expunge those who are convicted of marijuana-related charges.

Alive & Kicking

Alive & Kicking is co-founded by Ryan Lee, a Korean American who wants to be of service to others by giving 2% of his earnings to a non-profit that advocates the right of Asian Americans. Known to produce high-quality, low THC cannabis products, the company takes pride in their carefully thought and designed CBD products.

Aside from that, they also made a name for their robust effort to help eliminate racial inequality and discrimination.


A cult-favorite brand because of its premium product formulation, potency, and quality, Gossamer is also making waves in its effort to give back to underrepresented Black communities. The company also committed to donating up to 5% of its profits to fund various organizations.

Aside from cannabis products, Gossamer has a publication under the same name that offers free ad pages to charities and non-profits helping individuals imprisoned because of drugs and marijuana transgressions.

Rather than limit their profits and influence, CBD brands chose to share, give back, and disrupt the long-standing system of racism, poverty, and social inequality. These companies are a few of those who are committed to creating premium cannabis products and passionate about supporting and helping build better communities.

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